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About the Owner

Narongchai Sangaroon has lived most of his life in Bangkok.  An engineer by education, he had a 24 years long career in a big international company, many years holding the position of production manager.

When he left the company in 2003, Narongchai Sangaroon still had his childhood dream in his heart – to have his own land up in the mountains in the north of Thailand.

In 2004 his dream came true – he bought a  property in North Samoeng, approximately 34 km northwest of Chiang Mai.

  Contact : Mr. Narongchai Sangaroon
               150 Moo 4, North Samoeng (Samoeng Nua)
               Chiang Mai Province
               Thailand, 50250

  Telephone : 02 411 1797
                  081 815 0379

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When he took over, apart from an old shack, the property consisted only of jungle, a waterfall, fruit and coffee trees, wild flowers and herbs.  Overwhelmed by the beauty of his land, his dream widened – he saw the potential of developing this into something he could share with others.

Step by step, Narongchai Sangaroon has built up a small homestay – using mainly natural materials, but with comfortable necessities like bathrooms, electricity and running water.  Some rooms also have hot water showers.

With his own water supply, he could run a farm all the year around.  He read all he could come over about what to grow on the farm, and started out with some vegetables and a rose farm.  The roses were beautiful, but fragile, and soon he realized  that to grow roses, he would need chemicals, which he was very reluctant to do.  So, after a short time, he closed down the rose production – to turn to pure organic farming.

Narongchai Sangaroon is a pioneer and a visionary man.  He went from a traditional business career to breaking new land as well as his own boundaries.  What he has achieved in 3-4 years is amazing, but he does not stop here.  His latest project is building a dam on his land, providing water not only for his own farm, but also for the neighbouring farms.  From his background he knows a lot about production processes and machinery.  Presently he is learning by practising organic farming, also in close contact with the local university and the Royal Project Plant.

The farmers in North Samoeng have generations of farming experience.  Narongchai Sangaroon’s vision is that by sharing experiences, the whole region will in time turn to organic farming – thus contributing to improved health situation and giving life back to the earth.